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1) Python Fundamental

2) Python First Program

3) Python Operator Concept

4) Data type Concept

5) Variable ,Constant and Literals

6) Python Conditional Statement

7) Python Loop Statement

8) Break ,Continue and Special Statement

9) List in python

10) Tuple in python

11) Set in python

12) Dictionary in python

13) User define function in Python

14) Module in python

15) File Handling concept in Python

16) Exception Handling concept in Python

17) User Define Exception in Python

18) String tutorial in python

19) Object Oriented Concept in Python


Python Fundamental

Python Introduction:-

What is Python:-


Python is a high-level script-based language that contains the only interpreter to execute a python script.
Script-based language means the language that will be executed by the Interpreter. The interpreter will execute the code line by line, Script-based language does not contain any separate compiler to convert the code. the compiler will be in-built under the interpreter.



PHP,  PYTHON,  RUBY,  JS,  JQUERY,  ANGULAR,  NODE,  REACT all are script-based languages.



Initially, a Python script was developed to create a device driver-based software system for the different operating systems.
But now Python is complete technology or platform which contain multiple library, framework, and support to create application software.


using Python script We can create the following application.

1 Desktop Application:-  


This type of application will be installed separately on each machine. without using the internet this type of software will work.


 Similar to Notepad, MS-OFFICE, Antivirus, FIREWALL, Billing System.
Technology:- TKINTER, PYQT
2 WEB APPLICATION:- the application that will be executed by the Internet or Intranet is called a Web application.


example  Youtube, Twitter
Framework - Django, Pyramid, Flask
3 Mobile Application:-  Python provides touch panel-based UI implementation using the KIVY framework.


Twitter, Instagram
Framework:-  KIVY
4 Data Science:-  for data analysis, data engineering, Data visualization, Data Operation
5 Machine Learning:-  Dynamic programming of Data Science
6 IoT based application:-  Internet of things, Home automation
7 Cloud-Based application:-  Cloud means an open platform that can provide common accessibility to user's from any device.



Python support all popular cloud platform


AWS, Microsoft AZURE,  Google Cloud, etc 
8 Game-based application

Pygame  library for game development
pygame library is used to create a Python Game application.


9 Device Driver:-  wi-fi, Bluetooth, sensor
10 Firewall & Security




WAP to calculate difference of two date in year, date should be assigned on ddmmyyyy 




o/p  2019-2016  3


WAP to calculate the sum of all digits in date of birth?


WAP to Convert feet to inch and inch to feet?


WAP to convert km to meter?


WAP to convert decimal to binary?


WAP to calculate basic, ta, da, comm, pf,  HRA, Leave, numberofleave will be entered by the users?


basic = 5000

ta = basic*(2/100)

da = basic*(5/100)

comm = basic*(5/100)

emppf =  basic*(8.33/100)

employerpf = basic*(3.67/100)

hra = basic*(10/100)


nl =3

tsal = basic+ta+da+comm

leave = tsal/30

ctc = basic+ta+da+comm+emppf+hra

grosssal = tsal - emppf - (nl-1)*leave-advancesal

print("Package is ",12*ctc)

print("Gross salary is ",grosssal)

print("Leave Deduction days ",nl-1," and amount is ",(nl-1)*leave)

print("Pf Deduction is ",emppf)

print("Ta is ",ta,"\n da is ",da, "\n comm is ",comm,"\n hra is ",hra,"\n Advance Salary is ",advancesal)