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1) Java Fundamental

2) History of java programming language

3) Classification of Java

4) Set path of Java

5) First Program of Java

6) Java Operator Concept

7) Data type Concept

8) Java Conditional Statement

9) Switch Statement in java

10) Java Loop Statement

11) Do-while Loop in Java

12) Infinite Loop in Java

13) Break ,Continue and Special Statement

14) Java Array Statement part1

15) Java Array Statement part2

16) Java Array Statement part3

17) OOP'S In Java,Class and Object

18) Data Abstraction and Data Encapsulation

19) Polymorphism concept in java

20) Inheritance Concept in java

21) Interface concept in java

22) Abstract class concept in java

23) File Handling concept in java

24) Exception Handling concept in java

25) Serialization and deserialization in java

26) Threading concept in java

27) Collection Framework in Java

28) String ,String Buffer and String Builder

29) AWT Concept in Java Part1

30) AWT Concept in Java Part2

31) SWING Concept in Java


Java Fundamental

Java is a complete technology or platform, which is used to create small scale to large scale application’s using Java Programming language, Java Development Kit and Java Frameworks.


Java Technology Provide a complete platform to compile and execute the java program code using JDK and JRE.

Java code converted into byte code by java compiler under JDK.

Java Technology uses JVM (Java virtual machine ) to execute java byte code to any operating system hence Java is platform-independent but JVM dependent. JVM  is part of JRE.

JVM is a subpart of JRE which is also called the virtual operating system of Java.

In the developer machine, JDK and JRE both are required, but in the client machine, only JRE is required.


About Java Programming language:-

Java programming language is an Object-oriented programming language which is used to create a real-world based application for end-users.

Real-world application means the application which will be created for the normal user's for example Skype, Zoom, google meet is the best platform for video and audio conferencing.

Online banking, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, google these all are real-world based application.